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GranatapfelThe pomegranate contains large quantities of bioactive ingredients, such as flavonoids and polyphenols, and especially phenolic acids such as ellagic and gallic acid.

All these antioxidants are characterised by their positive influence on many metabolic processes and healthy cell functions.

The seeds and the flesh of the fruit are also rich in potassium, and they contain vitamin C, calcium and iron.


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  1. Granell Phytobalance 24

    Granell Phytobalance 24

    Regenerative skin care

    Ordernumber: 760

    50 ml

    Incl. 19% Tax, plus Shipping Cost
    (Baseprice: 100 ml = 25,90 €)
    Gross-Weight: 143,00 g

    Out of stock

  2. Granell lotion Phytobalance

    Granell lotion Phytobalance

    Fruity and fresh skin care with a skin-firming effect

    Ordernumber: 761

    200 ml

    Incl. 19% Tax, plus Shipping Cost
    (Baseprice: 100 ml = 4,85 €)
    Gross-Weight: 225,00 g

  3. Granell Capsules

    Granell Capsules

    With vitamin c as contribution for cell protection
    + Pomegranate extract with a high ellagic acid content

    Ordernumber: 193

    90 capsules

    Incl. 7% Tax, plus Shipping Cost
    (Baseprice: 100 g = 24,38 €)
    Gross-Weight: 70,00 g

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