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Memory Pro Capsules

Zinc + pantothenic acid for mental condition & performance
+ ginkgo
+ phosphatidylserine

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60 Kapseln
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The brain is the control centre of the body. Every day, it has to process millions of pieces of information and control our organism. Its many tasks include perceiving sensory impressions, coordinating the body's functions and behaviours and processing emotions. At the same time, the brain enables many cognitive faculties, such as thinking and speaking.

Concentration and performance often decline as we get older. Stress, poor nutrition, some environmental factors and various medicines further facilitate this natural process. 

One prerequisite for good mental performance and fitness into old age is the optimal supply of important nutrients. Zinc contributes to a normal cognitive function, while pantothenic acid supports the body's normal mental performance. B vitamins are important for the energy metabolism, nerve function and blood formation.

Best Edition Memory Pro capsules provide you with important vital substances which complement each other in their benefits for the function of the brain: 

  • Zinc contributes to a normal cognitive function.
  • Pantothenic acid supports normal mental performance.
  • The combination with the vitamins B1, B6, B12 and folic acid additionally support the brain and nerve function.

This combination of vital substances is rounded off with high-quality dry extract from the leaves of Ginkgo biloba and phosphatidylserine.

Whether it's used in old age, in stress of everyday working life or in exam situations - Best Edition Memory Pro Capsules can support mental performance and concentration.

Just one Memory Pro Capsules a day provides you with a valuable combination of 10 mg of zinc and selected B vitamins, supplemented by 66 mg of dry Ginkgo extract and 60 mg of phosphatidylserine.


One capsule contains: 
Dry extract (50: 1) from the leaves of Ginkgo biloba 66 mg (from that flavone glycosides 16 mg and terpene lactones 4 mg), phosphatidylserine 60 mg, zinc 10 mg, pantothenic acid  9 mg, vitamin B6 2,8 mg, vitamin B1 2,2 mg, folic acid 400 μg, vitamin B12 50 μg.

Walnut oil; gelatin; dry extract (50: 1) from the leaves of Ginkgo biloba (6,7 %); phosphatidylserine (soy) (6,1 %) filler: beeswax, white and yellow; vegetable oils (coconut, sunflower); calcium D-pantothenate; zinc oxide; stabiliser: silicon dioxide pyridoxine hydrochloride; thiamine mononitrate; pteroylmonoglutamic acid; methylcobalamin; coloring: titanium dioxide, copper-containing complexes of chlorophyllins, iron oxides and iron hydroxides.

Information concerning nutrients and substances with a specific nutritional effect


per recommended dose
(1 capsule/day)

of the reference quantity*

ginkgo biloba dry extract (50:1)      from that flavone glycosides
               terpene lactones

66 mg
16 mg
4 mg 



60 mg



10 mg

100 %

pantothenic acid

9 mg

150 %

vitamin B6

2,8 mg

200 %

thiamine (vitamin B1)

2,2 mg

200 %

folic acid

400 µg

200 %

vitamin B12

50 µg

2000 %

* Reference quantity pursuant to directive 1169/2011 (EU)
** No reference quantity available


Additional Information

GTIN 0000042345657
Additional Information

Dietary Supplement

Recommended dosage: One capsule to be taken once a day. 

  • Do not exceed the recommended daily dose of two capsules.
  • Dietary supplements should not be used as a substitute for a balanced and varied diet. Make sure you adopt a healthy lifestyle. 
  • Do not store the product within the reach of small children.
  • Stored in a dry, darplace at max. 25 °C. 
  • Should not bused after the expiry date, which can be found printed on the bottom box flap. 
Manufacturer Sovita
Gross-Weight 64,90 g
Volume 60 Kapseln
net filling weight 58,8 g
Baseprice 100 g = € 42,43
Marking Lebensmittel (§ 2 LFGB)
vegan No
vegetarisch No

Memory Pro Capsules

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