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Vitamins, minerals, pharmaceuticals and dietary supplements
Im Bruchanger 6
38855 Wernigerode, Germany

Tel.: +49 / 03943 948110
Fax: 03943 948117

Authorised representatives: Hannelore Hütcher
Place of jurisdiction: Wernigerode
Company register no.: Amtsgericht Stendal HRB 111800
VAT ID: DE 115 646 404
Responsible for the content: ascopharm GmbH

The following pharmaceutical companies (as defined by the German Medical Products Advertising Act) for the medical preparations described on our website are:
ascopharm GmbH
38845 Wernigerode, Germany

Abtswinder Naturheilmittel GmbH
97355 Abtswind, Germany

Competent supervisory authorities

for medicinal products:
Saxony-Anhalt State Administration Authority
Medicinal Products and Pharmacies Unit
Ernst-Kamieth-Str. 2
06112 Halle, Germany

for food products:
Harz District
Veterinary and Food Control Authority
Food Control Subject Group
P.O. Box 1542
38805 Halberstadt, Germany


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