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The eye is one of our most important organs, allowing us to visually perceive our environment.

With the help of the incidence of light, information is received from the environment, transmitted to the brain and converted into images. But eyes can do so much more: They also serve as the “gateways to the soul” as they help communicate and express feelings.

The eyes have so many tasks in everyday life. Good vision is an important part of the quality of life. This makes it particularly important to give the eyes the targeted support they need in order to retain their function well into old age. The eyes require a number of vital substances to help preserve normal vision.

Interesting facts about the eyes:

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  1. Lutein Capsules

    Lutein Capsules

    With Lutein microencapsulated
    With beta-carotene as a vitamin A preliminary stage 

    Ordernumber: 224

    90 capsules

    Incl. 7% Tax, plus Shipping Cost
    (Baseprice: 100 g = 34,21 €)
    Gross-Weight: 64,90 g

  2. Vitamin A

    Vitamin A

    Helps maintain normal vision

    Ordernumber: 262

    120 capsules

    Incl. 7% Tax, plus Shipping Cost
    (Baseprice: 100 g = 12,77 €)
    Gross-Weight: 61,00 g

  3. Visiofit PREMIUM capsules

    Visiofit PREMIUM capsules

    with 10 mg lutein & zinc

    Ordernumber: 258

    90 capsules

    Incl. 7% Tax, plus Shipping Cost
    (Baseprice: 100 g = 30,28 €)
    Gross-Weight: 100,00 g

  4. Hyaluron Eye Drops

    Hyaluron Eye Drops

    - with sodium hyaluronate 0,15 %
    - free of preservatives
    - For improved moistening, relief and care for dry eyes
    - also suitable for wearers of contact lenses

    Ordernumber: 712

    10 ml

    Incl. 19% Tax, plus Shipping Cost
    (Baseprice: 100 ml = 79,50 €)
    Gross-Weight: 22,60 g

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