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Garlic-Mistletoe-Hawthorn capsules

To support cardiovascular function and prevent general hardening of the arteries (general arteriosclerosis)- enteric (resistant to gastric juices)

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400 capsules
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Garlic Mistletoe Hawthorn capsules contain a sensible combination of three medicinal plants that have been known for centuries. All three plants help to preserve the function of the blood circulation and so ensure the blood supply of the internal organs, tissues and the brain.

Finely atuned to each other, they produce a high-quality herbal medicine with a mild effect. Physical well-being and vitality can thus be supported well into old age.

Garlic Mistletoe Hawthorn capsules from ascopharm are enteric (resistant to gastric juices). The soft gelatin capsules are manufactured by a special process and can therefore only dissolve in the small intestine. This means that any annoying odour formation is largely prevented.

Read all of this leaflet carefully because it contains important information for you and what you should consider when using the drug.
This medication can be obtained without medical prescription.

Read the full leaflet here.


Active Ingredients
1 enteric soft capsule contains: 60 mg of extract from fresh garlic bulbs (2-3:1), extracting agent: rapeseed oil, 24 mg extract of mistletoe (2-3:1), extracting agent: rapeseed oil, 54 mg extract of hawthorn berries (0.51- 0.62:1), extracting agent: rapeseed oil 

Additional Information

GTIN 42255383
Additional Information

Date of minimum durability of the current batch: 10/2018

Reach of one pack: 66 days

Dosage guide and type of administration
Unless otherwise prescribed, adults and children over the age of 12 take one or two capsules, swallowed whole with liquid, three times a day with meals. 

Traditional herbal medicine to support cardiovascular function and to prevent general hardening of the arteries (general arteriosclerosis). This medicine is a traditional medicine which is approved purely on the basis of long-standing experience within its fields of application. For risks and side effects read the package insert and ask your doctor or pharmacist. 

Manufacturer Sovita
Gross-Weight 200,00 g
Volume 400 capsules
net filling weight 168,8 g
Baseprice 100 g = 7,64 €
Marking Arzneimittel (§ 2 AMG)
vegan No
vegetarisch No

Garlic-Mistletoe-Hawthorn capsules

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