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Interesting facts about Q10

Co-enzyme Q10, also known as ubiquinone, has received much attention for many years. Some experts describe Q10 as a vitaminoid – a substance of vitamin-like character.

Compared to most vitamins, however, Q10 is not essential as it is produced by the human body and partially consumed with our diet. Natural sources include meat, intestines, fish, wholegrain products, spinach and nuts. Large quantities of Q10 can be found in heart, liver and kidneys, i.e. in organs which are actively involved in the metabolism.

However, it is also known that most foods are low in Q10, the Q10 reserves of the human body decrease with age, and the use of colesterol-lowering medicines from the statin class of drugs can reduce our body's own production of co-enzyme Q10.

The term “co-enzyme” basically stands for “helper of enzymes”. There are innumerable enzymes involved in the human organism, which control our metabolic processes and require co-enzymes for support.

The raw material Q10 used for the production of our products is obtained by natural means through yeast fermentation and is identical to our body's own Q10. At ascopharm, you will receive Q10 in the form of a solution inside a high-quality soft gel capsule.

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