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Artichoke-Choli Capsules

With choline to support the functions of the liver and the fat metabolism + papain from the papaya fruit

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180 capsules
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(Baseprice: 100 g = 15,51 €)
Gross-Weight: 114,00 g

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The artichoke plant does not only have an impressive flower but is also used for dietary purposes. It is a preferred vegetable among connoisseurs. For enjoyable consumption, its toruses (receptacles) as well as its fleshy bracts are used. The artichoke is a perennial thistle-like plant and belongs to the composite plants. The artichoke was first cultivated over a thousand years ago. Its fruit is elongated and oval in shape and can weigh 3 to 6 kg.

Choline is a vitamin-like substance. It can be produced by the human organism if sufficient quantities of the essential amino acid methionine, which is required for that purpose, are available. Liver, egg yolk and soya beans are considered a good source of choline. Choline contributes to a normal fat metabolism and to the protection of a normal liver function.

The exotic papaya is the popular flavoursome fruit of the Carica tree. The peel and the seeds of the plant contain the proteolytic enzyme papain, which is typical for the papaya.


One capsule contains:
123.5 mg artichoke extract (including 4.75 mg cynarin), 43,9 mg papain powder (equivalent to at least 256 FIP units), 16 mg choline.

Artichocke extract (24.8%); gelatin; maltodextrin; corn starch; papain powder (8,8 %); coline bi-tartrate (7,9 %); release agent: silicon dioxide and magnesium salts of edible fatty acids; colour: titanium dioxide.

Information concerning nutrients and substances with a specific nutritional effect


Per recommended dose 
(1 capsule/day)

        % of the reference quantity* 

Cynarin (aus artichoke extract)

28,5 mg


Papain powder

263,4 mg



(corresponds at least 1536 FIP-units)



96 mg


* Reference quantity pursuant to directive 1169/2011 (EU)
** No reference quantity available

Additional Information

GTIN 42267263
Additional Information

Recommended dosage:
Take 2 capsules 3 times daily prior to meals with plenty of liquid.

Dietary supplements should not be used as a substitute for a balanced, varied diet and not replace a healthy lifestyle. Keep out of reach of children. The recommended daily dosage should not be be exceeded.

Manufacturer Sovita
Gross-Weight 114,00 g
Volume 180 capsules
net filling weight 89,6 g
Baseprice 100 g = 15,51 €
Marking Lebensmittel (§ 2 LFGB)
vegan No
vegetarisch No

Die Artischocke beeindruckt nicht nur durch ihre bezaubernde Blüte, sondern findet auch als Nahrungsmittel Verwendung. Sie ist ein bei Kennern beliebtes Gemüse. Für den genussvollen Verzehr werden die Blütenböden sowie die fleischigen Hüllblätter genutzt. Die Artischocke ist eine mehrjährige distelartige Pflanze und gehört zu den Korbblütlern. Die erste Kultivierung der Artischocke liegt bereits mehr als tausend Jahre zurück. Die Frucht wird länglich-oval und kann 3 bis 6 kg wiegen.

Artichoke-Choli Capsules

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